Passau is a small town in lower Bavaria.

The town is situated near the Austrian and Czech border.

Most intriguing about Passau is that it sits on the three rivers, Danube, Inn and Ilz.

The town is a popular tourist destination.

One can find many historical sights here.

The most important sights are: a cathedral, many churches and buildings owned by the church because the town was ruled by the batavian bishop for many centuries.

There are many festivals like „Europäische Wochen“ or „Eulenspiegel-Festival“. There is an opera house. And most important: Passau is known for its comedy (Kabarett) scene.

Many concerts, exhibitions and theater performances take place here.

The town surroundings is ideal for cycling, hiking, climbing and golfing in summer, and skiing, skating, snowbording and Bavarian curling in winter.

You may have a rest in a spa of Bad Birnbach, Bad Füssing or Bad Griesbach south of Passau.






















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