Kielce is a town in central Poland with over 200 000 inhabitants and a 900-year-long history.


It is  the capital city of the Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Voivodship.


The nearby Holy Cross Mountains are the oldest mountains in Europe.

The word Kielce does not have any meaning in modern Polish but legends associate the name with tusks of big animals, the  Celts or a family clan - Kiełcz

The most important monuments of history are the Bishop's Palace, the cathedral, the old town with the market square, the theatre.

Within the town boundaries there are 5 geological reservations.

In Kielce you can go skiing, sailing, horse-riding, rock climbing without leaving the town.

Venues for cultural events include a culture centre, two theatres, philharmonic and an amphitheatre built in an old lime quarry.

Kielce is the seat of the second largest trade fairs centres in Central and Eastern Europe - Targi Kielce.

The first technical university in Poland was established here in 1816. Now Kielce has 12 institutions of tertiary education






















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