Over there you'll find the Lamberg Palace, that's the place where the Passau Peace Treaty was signed.

The Passau Peace treaty is connect to Protestant Reformation.

Yes, indeed.

The Passau Peace treaty is one of the most important documents of the Protestant Reformation

The contract was signed on the 2nd August 1552 by the catholic Ferdinand I. and the protestant princes of the Holy Roman Empire.

What is the contract about?

The contract formally acknowledges protestantism.

The legal acknowledgment of protestamtism was codified three years later at the Peace of Augsburg.

Fascinating! Were there any battles?

Yes and no.

The conlfict between the catholics and protestants wasn't fought in Passau.

But the treaty was preceded by negotiations, that can be described as a battle field.

One has to understand that there was war between the opponents, therefore exagerated stories of the kidnapping of noblemena and even the Emperor circulated.

Most stories were just rumors.

Fascinating. Why did they sign the treaty?

The catholic Habsburgian party had to fight at many fronts?

When the Turkish organised a new strike against the Emperor, he wanted avoid enemies inside the Holy Roman Empire.

And Moritz of Saxony, the protestant's opponte's mouthpiece, needed to produce an achievement.

That is why Moritz gave up some claims, such as a contract for an unlimited period.

These were the two main reasons of the agreement

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